About the Storage Facilities

Here are 11 reasons why your valuables are very secure with us.

  1. Strong steel walls help prevent penetration from outside.
  2. Goods are NOT bulk stored. All units are 100% private.
  3. 176 security sensors inside and surrounding the complex.
  4. 24 hour monitoring.
  5. Intruder alarms inside each private unit.
  6. Hi-tech video cameras that watch all movement.
  7. Monitored smoke detectors inside each private unit.
  8. Sensor alarms, security beams and automatic security lighting.
  9. Regular guard patrols.
  10. Two metre high barbed wire fence.
  11. Commercial grade bait stations to keep the premises rodent free.



If you wish to pay you account our bank accounts are

Wellington branch  12-3140-0437363-04

Petone branch  12-3140-0437363-02

Lower Hutt/Seaview branch  12-3140-0437363-06

Upper Hutt branch  12-3140-0437363-03

Maidstone branch  12-3140-0437363 -05

Kapiti branch  12-3140-0437363-01

Paraparaumu branch  12-3140-0437363-01

Please use your name/unit number and or agreement number as reference

Wellington Petone Lowerhutt/Seaview Upperhut Maidstone Kapiti Easybox Paraparaumu

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