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                                  Best Value Storage in Wellington

We suggest you contact the location closest to you as price may differ, We will offer the best service and the best price. Ring one of our friendly girls.


1 m  x 1 m
1 m2
1 m3 to 3 m3
from $30


These units/lockers come 1m high to 3m high

Sentimental, 10 boxes, treasures, computer, cd’s, files



1.50 m  x 1.50 m
2.25 m2
6.75 m3
Best price in Wellington

30 boxes, or 1 bed, 1 desk, 1 fridge, or sporting equip, or camping gear

1.5m x 1.5m


3 m  x 1.50 m
4.50 m2
13.50 m3
Best price in Wellington

1 bedroom flat, or de-clutter, or excess

3m x 1.5m


3 m  x 2 m
6 m2
18 m3
Best price in Wellington

Lge 1 bedroom flat, or small 2 bedroom flat, or declutter

3m x 2m


3 m  x 3 m
9 m2
27 m3
Best price in Wellington

2 bedroom house lot, or files, or large declutter

3m x 3m


6 m  x 3 m
18 m2
54 m3
Best price in Wellington

Commercial clients, or 3 to 4 bedroom house lot

6m x 3m

We also have larger sizes

9m x 3m         &        12m x 3m


Outside spaces for cars, boats etc.   Best price's in Wellington

And small lockers for doc's   from $10 per month


Padlocks $15 - $25
No Admin Fee
Plus Boxes etc




If you wish to pay you account our bank accounts are

Wellington branch  12-3140-0437363-04

Petone branch  12-3140-0437363-02

Lower Hutt/Seaview branch  12-3140-0437363-06

Upper Hutt branch  12-3140-0437363-03

Maidstone branch  12-3140-0437363 -05

Kapiti branch  12-3140-0437363-01

Paraparaumu branch  12-3140-0437363-01

Please use your name/unit number and or agreement number as reference

Wellington Petone Lowerhutt/Seaview Upperhut Maidstone Kapiti Easybox Paraparaumu

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